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BelleMorte is one of few couple cams on MyFreeCams, I ‘m sure there must be more but mostly it is Lesbian or Gay couples:

YankeeGirlee for example.

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All kinds of things on rude dot com including plenty of couples but it can be hard to find them as the site is so huge. Take your time though and search around and you’ll find plenty of couples doing live cam shows.

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If you’re craving the ebony goodness of sexy black couples, Camcontacts is a great place to fulfill your urges. Most chat sites skimp on the couples action (though most do have a few horny couples), and sadly, black couples are rarer than most of us would like. Maybe they’re just shyer than most folks…who knows? However! Camcontacts offers a nice selection of 70 or so couples with at least one black member, among which are 28 girl-girl couples. Now excuse me, while I wipe the steam off my monitor so I can conduct more research for my full-length review…

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Asian couple sites


Show of hands here: who doesn’t think Asian girls are hawt? Yeah, well, I don’t see any hands. Asian couples are even hawtter, whether they’re girl-girl or girl-boy. (Someone else can weigh the relative merits of Asian boy-boy couples, OK?). “But where,” you may ask, “can I find a site with some good, horny Asian couples?” Why, that’s easy: AsianCamModels, which rivals AsianBabeCams for sheer numbers and quality. They’ve got so many couples available that you can’t fail to find something worth enjoying.

I’ll soon have a full-length review up here for you to drool over. Meanwhile, watch this space!

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White couple sites

Couples on xcams

This European cam sex chat site “xcams” is pretty cheap. It costs 1€ for a 5-minute porn chat with cam which is cheaper than many sites like, privatefeeds or ifriends.

There are a few couples online for you to play with although you cannot even search for them until you give xcams your real email address and a valid credit card to verify your age. Once you have registered, you can access to all search functions and view their profile pics.

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